About Us

High Ambitions...
Rooted in the Ground

Kartavya Seeds is committed to supply genetically enhanced high quality seeds to farmers. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our seeds are ingrained with qualities to produce safe, rich, flavourful, nutritious crop. While the farmers harvest prosperous crops, they are able to achieve it with fewer resources. This protects the environment and sets the right foundation to realize sustainable growth.

We produce, process and supply superior quality seeds for a wide range of crops including Cotton, Maize, Bajara, High Nutritive Fodder, Cluster Bean, Wheat, Mustard, Okra, Sweet Corn, Cumin, Seasame, Moong, Cowpea and several vegetable crops.


Helping farmers grow robust, safe and high quality crops sustainably by producing and supplying superior seeds with a drive for innovation that addresses challenges faced by the farmers.


  • We are committed to deliver high quality seeds
  • we continuously innovate to address challenges of farmers
  • We exhibit integrity in all our work
  • We encourage environmentally responsible farming practices

Why Kartavya Seeds?

  • Genetically pure seeds
  • Produces more yield
  • Safe and disease free crop
  • Pest and disease resistant
  • Environmentally tolerant crop
  • Robust plant with continuous flowering
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Prompt after sales services

Translating Strengths into Performance


We have a team of experts having hands-on experience in research, production and processing of seeds. Our scientists are abreast with latest technology and our farmers are trained to carefully and technically handle seeds.


Supplying superior quality products and continuously working on improving product quality is at the heart of our ideology. We combine conventional knowledge and new technologies to deliver seeds that help in maximizing agricultural productivity.


Our seeds are produced in fertile production plots stretching over a sprawl of thousands of acres. We have a state of the art seeds processing facility equipped with advanced machinery and a research lab to boost our drive for innovation.

Sustainable Growth

With human population growing at an alarming rate, need of the hour is to find ways to feed them in a way that doesn't sabotage nature's balance. Hence we are working on production seeds that give off more production consuming less water and in turn energy.


We provide complete guidance to farmers on techniques which would help them produce more yields. It is inherent part of our vision to pioneer and implement programs dedicated to growth and development of farmers.