Hybrid Okra- Champion

  • Highly yielding variety
  • First packing starts in 42-47 days
  • Fruits are dark green, long and slender with five ridges
  • Short internodes
  • High tolerance to YVM disease
  • Can be cultivated round to year

Cluster Bean- Kartavya-216

  • Erect plant habit, 100-110 cm height
  • First picking starts in 40-42 days and crop duration in 100days
  • Attractive light green and tender pods fit for fetching higher market price
  • Average pod length is 10-13 cm
  • Very high yield potential i.e. 4000-5000 kg/ha
  • Good organoleptic properties

Cow Pea - Kartavya-110

  • It is dual purpose variety i.e vegetable and grain purpose.
  • It’s mature in 65-70 days.
  • 1st picking start in 38-42 days.
  • Medium plant height 45-50 cm, 4-6 branches per plant, 25-28 cluster per plant and each cluster have 2-4 pods.
  • 12-13 seeds per pods and 100 seed weight is 7-8 grams.
  • It is very high yielding variety and more suitable for kharif season.
  • Small and white seeded variety.
  • Dark green, long (20-22 cm) and tender pods fetches higher market price.