Hybrid Corn


  • It’s a very high yielding hybrid of Kharif and Rabi seasons and has a unique plant structure that makes it to respond higher populations.
  • This hybrid has big cobs and highest shelling percentage (83-85%)
  • Yellow and uniform seeds
  • Semi dent grain with excellent tip filling, orange and shiny seeds.
  • Widely adopted for all maize growing area.
  • Very sweet and tasty (15-17 %)
  • Well suited for fodder.

Kartavya -525

  • This hybrid mature in 90-100 days in Kharif and 115-120 days in rabi seasons.
  • Tolerant to drought condition and diseases.
  • Semi dent yellow orange colored grain.
  • Widely adopted hybrid i.e suitable for all maize growing area.
  • Suitable for low management conditions.


  • This breed takes 100-105 days in Kharif and 120-125 Days in Rabi seasons.
  • Plant of this hybrid is average heighted and have long broad leaves.
  • There are 14-16 raw/ cob and 40-45 grain in each raw.
  • Cobs of this hybrid are longest, attractive and grow at equal height.
  • A high yielding white hybrid.
  • Semi dent-shining white grains.
  • Excellent roti making.