Research wheat


  • This variety growth habit is semi erect and semi dwarf variety type (90-100 cm)
  • More tillers per plant (10-14 /plant)
  • Spick length is > 12 cms containing 22-24 spikelets. Each spick contains 68-70 seeds.
  • Its grain is amber in color, hard in texture, ovate in shape and bold in size.
  • 1000 grain weight 42-47 grams.
  • This variety is good for Roti making. Its protein content is 11.5-12.5.
  • This variety is resistance to stem and leaf rust.


  • Attractive compact plant type with good tillers
  • It is dwarf type i.e 67-82 cm.
  • Medium maturity variety. i.e 100-105 days
  • Medium size spike length
  • Its grain is Amber in color, hard in texture, ovate shape fetches higher market rate.
  • 1000 grain weight is 40-46 grams.
  • Its high yielding variety with short time
  • Very good for Roti making. In this variety higher protein, iron and zinc content.